Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Why I hate hotdogs

Most everybody in my family likes hotdogs...some more than others.
We always have hotdogs for the annual OBB (Owens Backyard Bash). Some might call them world famous Owens hotdogs because we make them the West Virginia way...with chili and coleslaw.
It is kinda funny to watch people at the OBB "dip" their plates. (That "dip" terminology is totally West-by-God-Virginian, by the way. For all you non- hillbillies that means means fill your plate up with the various items to be served.)
Some people eat the hot dog chili on their plate as an entree, some eat the coleslaw as a side, but the ones in the know always eat West Virginia style hotdogs with chili and slaw...AWWH YEAH!

(Just for one of those weird facts to insert here cause that is how my mind least 120 hot dogs were consumed at the last OBB....and that's alot of hot dogs!!)

Well, even though we make a mean hot dog...I don't do hot dogs!

When the boys were younger and all of them were playing organized baseball, we spent untold hours at the ball field. When I say untold hours....I mean untold hours! Think about it....3 different baseball team schedules plus one husband that was always at the field umpiring (hence the GR8UMP moniker).....

That boils down to quite a few games to practice for, to be played, watched, or umpired. Sometimes we would literally be at the field everynight and all day on Saturdays. My best days were when it rained or when all three (4 including the ump) had a game at the same time. When that happened, we only had to be there for a couple of hours versus all day. The trade off was that I did lots of running between fields to see each kid play and I usually only got to see a few plays per kid. That was ok in the overall scope of things.

Now the only thing available to eat at the ball field was pizza or HOTDOGS!
They didn't have hotdogs with chili and slaw...only ketcup when you were lucky. When you are hungry and have been at the ball field all day...even a plain hotdog looks good.
I shudder to think how many hotdogs our family consumed during our baseball days! I think we singlehandedly kept the snack bar in business! I was thinking the other day that we were at the ballfields from the time Tommy played t-ball at age 6 through Michal playing high school baseball.....with Jeffrey thrown in there too.....that is about 13 years! I think I overdosed on hotdogs!!!

My family still loves hotdogs....maybe it is nostalgia of their fun baseball days (and they really were a lot of fun)....but for me....our baseball days are WHY I HATE HOTDOGS!


Jeff said...

I like hot dogs cause they are yummy and delicious. "IF you were a hot dog, and you were starving.... would you eat yourself? I know i would... I'd smother myself in brown mustard and relish.... I'd be SO DELICIOUS."

Tom said...

Those baseball hotdogs were great too. Lacking the chili and slaw, which was a bummer, but they came in tin foil and the radiating heat of the hot dog worked in a "steaming" fashion on the bun, so it was nice and moist. However, there was a time limit to this... wait too long to open your hot dog and you may have very well liquified the bun. Ahh, the good old days.

btw, I sucked at baseball.

That is all.

The man with the plan said...

I can see Tom eating lots of ringpops and candy at the ballpark and having a big red candy/kool-aid type moustache.

Grumpy Ump said...

Ahhhh Yeahhh. The goumet food that comes from WVA. Years ago you could find, on any mountain road, plenty of little country restaurants ( if you want to call them that ) that would have 4 for $1.00 Hot Dogs, You know this cause that little marque sign out front said that.. and also said Best Hot Dogs in WVA. Well go on down the road and the next has 5 Hot Dogs for $1.00, and the next would have 6 for $1.00 all claiming to be the best on WVA and all served with a watery chilli and luke warm slaw. But we still eat every one of them.

Now for another WVA gourmet delicacy are Beans and Cornbread. Yum.. comments welsome.

Another, HOT bologna sandwiches from A&W Root Beer Drive in place.

OK lets not talk about Ramps.. ok.. let it go.

neva said...

Beans and cornbread with ketchup on top with onions...YUUUUUMMMMM!!! I served this (at dinner where I had INVITED people for dinner)shortly after getting married to some of the husbands family and they thought we had fallen on hard times and were willing to loan us money...Needless to say, we had a lot of left over beans for the next week in case we really had fallen on hard times.
I also remember being in Detroit for school and wanting a hot dog with everything on it(I was homesick for the chili and coleslaw) so I found a hot dog stand and ordered a hot dog with everything. It came with hot peppers, green peppers, celery salt and some other gross stuff. When I queried the owner about the chili and coleslaw the answer I got was "Lady, if ya wanted a chili dog ya shoulda asked for one and we aint never put coleslaw on no dogs!" so much for the WVA hot dog in Detroit. I still like hot dogs though...I can even eat them with all that gross stuff now.
there is nothing like a good ole hot dog.

you can keep them damn ramps.

Michal said...

Who is the cute son on the left??? I bet that kid grew up to be a model...... Or a 70's porn star.

Anonymous said...

even after living in 25 cities all over this country , i am still shocked when i order a hot dog with everythng and get NO chili and NO slaw. obviously us west virginians know atleast one to make mean hot dog! don't get me started on lorobi's pizza and tudor's biscuits and gravy...dear God i am hungry! and yes, micheal we all know you are hot!!! yet another thing west virginians are known for....calling their cousins "hot"!! hahaha!


MotherOf3Guys said...

I think I need to do a whole blog just on Lorobi's and Tudor's!

Michal said...

Cousin love..... that is so funny

Jersey Girl said...

You ain't had no damn hot dog 'til you've had a foot long kosher from the flat grill on the boardwalk in Jersey, with steaming sauerkraut, gulden's spicy mustard, a little bit of ketchup, and onions...mmmmm