Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Dog's Life

Chillin' at the "grandparents" house while Mom & Dad are out of town.

Maddy...the second cutest dog in the whole know Lucy would be hurt if I said she was the cutest!


Mamaw said...

The dogs in the family could have a big debate over that topic. Tasha is beautiful so we'll let Maddy have cute, and Lucy has held the cute title for a long time so I guess she and Maddy will have to duke it out for the title.

Becky said...

Lucy wins the sweet award, Maddy gets the wild but cute award...I don't know which is the better one to be awarded.
Thanks for posting the pictures and letting mommy and daddy know that everything is okay! We'll see you tomorrow little poopsers!

Jersey Girl said...

Dear Grammy,

Thanks for such a flattering picture.