Monday, February 13, 2006

The "Big Snow"

It snowed this weekend in the east.
That statement is typed sarcastically, because it seems like no one could escape all the coverage on local and national news about the "big snow in the east."

Now I am not making light of the fact that New York had "record breaking snow"- 2o some inches.
I know that there were "blizzard conditions" along the eastern coast.
I know from first hand experience that we had 12 inches of snow that needed shoveling!
I guess it is news worthy when so much snow falls because it affects airports, jobs, schools, grocery stores (due to the stampede to get supplies before the snow), and even electricity.

We have been really lucky this year that we have had virtually little to no snow up to this point. I basically would have to say that I didn't mind this "big snow" because:
  1. It happened on a weekend so I didn't have to worry about getting to work.
  2. It wasn't too cold to be out shoveling.
  3. I had a nice neighbor that used his snow blower to help me shovel the important parts, so I could spend my time outside shoveling as much or little as I wanted on the other things.
  4. The snow was just right for building snowmen.
  5. I had plenty of firewood and a good book to read, so it was kind of cozy.

The down side of the snow was that it interfered with the Jam Session that the O-Bros had planned for the weekend. The youngest son was unable to drive home from college due to the snow. I was really looking forward to the family being home and one of my all time favorite things is to listen to the boys jam.

The middle son came for dinner on Sat. prior to the "big storm". He actually was pretty funny to listen to because he HATES weather forecasters. I think he was really looking forward to the brother jam that was cancelled almost as much as I was. He was preparing for the forecast to be totally wrong this weekend. (Per middle son, the forecasters are generally wrong regarding snow predictions.) Well, the forecasters actually got it right this time!

"Big snows" usually cause people to reminisce about other big snow storms. We always talk about the huge amounts of snow we got in 1996 (31 in.) and in 1999 (26 in). These both resulted in about a week off of school for the boys. I was amazed that so many of their friends were still able to get to our house just to hang out even though most sane people wouldn’t dream of driving unless it was absolutely necessary.

I also remember the advice that our neighbor gave us about snow and snow blowers when we first moved from Texas. Not knowing how severe the weather gets in our new state, my husband asked the neighbor if he should buy a snow blower while it was on sale.
The neighbor proceeded to say, "You don't need a snow doesn't snow enough for one." Let me tell you that not long after one of those "big snows", the neighbor has since bought himself a snow blower! ( This is one of those pieces of advice that you just can't help but continue reminding said neighbor about!)

I guess some things rarely change so we will still watch the forecasters predict the snow and wait to see if it actually snows. If we do get that “BIG SNOW”, you can only hope that one of your neighbors helps you shovel with his snow blower!


neva said...

It is amazing how one remembers the "big" snow. ours was in '78 and it was an unbelievable amount, But I love the snowmen and your trees look like ours looked a few weeks ago!

Mamaw said...

We got about two inches of snow here in the valley. Since my driveway is steep , and does get icy we shovelled, tried out my new snow pusher with wheels for about five minutes until the snow got deep in front of the blade, then bent and cracked. proof that all things made in China are not good! Bill worked for a long time, putting it together on Sunday, I worked even longer taking it apart so I can send it back!! Remember the snow we had in the 70's? about 21". Dad and I shovelled for three days. He was a basket case. When he got in the State Police car, determined to get out of here he went over the bank, and had to call a wrecker to pull him out! Snow stories are as good as fish stories, huh?

melissa said...

up here, we go months without seeing the blacktop, or in my case dirt, on our roads. every truck you pass has a plow on it, from november to march, and these guys make a decent income plowing snow. we often wake up to another six inches on the ground and don't even bother to shovel or plow the roads until tomorrow...when we get another four inches! but then again, this is an everyday thing for us and we don't have near the traffic that the east does. a traffic jam in our town is when three cars come to an intersection at the same time.

what i miss about living in a place where snow is not so common, is the excitement. since living in the snowbelt of northern wisconsin, ihave not made a snowman and have only gone sledding twice! no one talks about the snow and no one makes a mad rush to the store and gas station. all winter our trees look like the ones in your pictues, heavy with fresh white snow, and its a rare occasion that anyone takes a picture or takes a moment to enjoy the beauty of fresh fallen snow.

so, east coastres, enjoy this wonder and be glad that it will all be gone in two weeks...not 5 months!!!