Saturday, February 11, 2006


So my mother has been reading my blogs and asked me if I could take criticism well.

She said she has been enjoying my entries but has wondered as she reads along: "Does Tina know she is spelling 'definitely' wrong or does she really not know how to spell it?"
Her further thought was, " I can't believe that girl doesn't know how to spell 'Definitely' ." Being my mother, she explained that she thought I was just too smart not to know how to spell it, but she keeps seeing it spelled wrong. ( You know how mothers are....they always think their kids are smart, wonderful, kind, compassionate, good spellers, etc......)

I guess I could just lie and tell you that it was a typo... I could say that I was so into the writing process that I didn't realize..... OR I could tell the truth and say," I know I spell 'Definately' wrong but just can't seem to get it right!"
Yes, I know that I just spelled it wrong , but it is almost the right way for me because I have spelled it this way many more times than I have spelled it right!

It falls into those words that I just have trouble spelling....along with separate, beneficial, envelope, capitol and probably many more!

It actually pisses me off that I can't get 'definitely ' spelled right... I really like to use that word!

So.... to my Mom, who is an excellent speller(!)... thanks for the info and the gentle criticism....don't get upset when I continue to spell it wrong.... I absolutely, certainly, positively, unquestionably, without doubt, undeniably, categorically know I spell 'definitely' wrong.
{Thanks to the thesaurus for words I could/should use in place of definitely}.

Spell checker has ruined us all!!! Too bad I haven't figured out how to spell check in these blogs.

P.S. I was feeling the pressure to spell all my words right so I DID spell check this entry....The really funny part was that I misspelled separate the first time I wrote it (I usually end up spelling it 'seperate' instead of the right way....I'm sure if you keep reading, you'll see it spelled wrong for yourself!)


Jersey Girl said...
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neva said...

Mom calls and tells me about your blog and reads it to me while I am driving…I listen to what she says and then think…..”but isn’t that how you spell definitely? And separate and so on?” So we really must be sisters!!……so I will not let this bother me as I have always heard that the people with high IQ’s usually don’t spell well….Even Einstein couldn’t spell!

The funny part about the above is that I decided to write in word (so I could spell check) and then paste and word won't let me misspell ANY word. I spell definately consistently(another word I misspell) wrong and probably always will!

Mamaw said...

I don't spell EVERYTHING correctly all the time! You'll see.

Tom said...

What's really scary about this post is that I had the same observance about your spelling of the word "definitely". That's one of those words that at least 60% of all people spell wrong, and it's the one word that bothers me when I read it spelled wrong. I didn't want to tell my mother about it being spelled wrong in a comment, I'm glad Mamaw broke it to her lightly.

by the way, I used to spell it wrong too...