Saturday, February 04, 2006

All about the Haircut

It 's haircut time.

Men have it soo easy when it comes to haircuts...they just go in, sit in the chair, say "cut my hair", pay and leave...end of story!

It is never easy for the ladies.
The questions are unlimited:
Do you need just a cut?
A shampoo, cut & blowdry?
All over color?
Straightening?....and so the questions go....

There is also the problems of where to go to get the haircut and who is actually going to cut your hair. It doesn't seem like it should be so difficult at times, but there are so many variables to that ultimate haircut experience.

If you go to a "salon"...your gonna pay and pay BIG. The Salon experience of appropriate atmosphere with quiet music, drinks provided, massages with the wash also add up to big bucks...Some salons charge seperate for the wash, the cut, the drying of the hair...not to mention that it may take weeks to get an appointment. How can you say, "No I don't want my hair dried...I'll just leave with it wet "?....This is after you already owe them major bucks just for the wash, cut, and color.

If you go to the "haircuttery" you may also pay and pay big in a totally different way. It never fails that these bargain places (including beauty schools) have some pretty inexperienced hairdressers and you may come out of them looking a real sight!

My sister, Neva tells a good story on how you may pay big at these bargain places. She went to a beauty school to get a "touchup" on her hair color and "her bangs trimmed". She had gone to the school for a couple of was to save time and the other was to save money. Her dialog with the hairdresser went something like this:
Student hairdresser (SD) as she was rinsing the color solution off: "Ohhh....Um...Ahh..."
Neva: What do you mean OH and Ahh????. (This said in a high fast voice.)
SD: No looks fine....I think the color looks good..(They must be taught to never revel horror or say negative statements.)
After determining that her hair was in fact ORANGE...and after the consult with the instructor at the school....and after Neva said "You WILL fix my hair...NOW!!!" And after the instructor said it was closing time and they wouldn't be able to do anything about it today...but would be glad to take care of it tomorrow. She ended up walking out of that school with ORANGE hair!
Well, tomorrow was graduation day for her daughter....and Orange hair was not going to cut it!!!
After frantically calling all over the Chicago area at 6:00 Pm to find someone to fix her hair...she resorted to the rash statement, "I AM HAVING A HAIR EMERGENCY... I NEED HELP NOW!"
When she walked into the hair place that had taken pity on her...the hairdresser took one look at her and immediately called a conference with about 3 other hairdressers to consult about how to fix her hair. In the end, after many hours of work on her hair...all was well. ( One of my favorite things about this story was that about a month after this occurrence, when Neva went to make another appointment...everyone in the shop "Knew" her.....they all said, "Oh,'re Neva...we heard about you.")

So where does that leave you when you need a haircut...the salon ??? or the haircuttery???

Once you find a good hairdresser, it is golden!!! Trying to find a good hairdresser is the problem. I used the same hairdresser for several years and recently she moved to Florida. It was a sad day... I am still looking for her replacement....without too much success, so far. Partly it is my fault because everyone knows that any hairdresser worth anything is always busy. I always wait until I can't stand my hair one more minute to get it cut....not by choice but it just always creeps up on me that it is time to get it cut. I want that instant gratification to get it cut immediately! One of my friends was telling the story about "losing" her hairdresser because he commited suicide. She said she felt really sorry for his death, but she said she was having a hard time not being mad at him for making her have to pick a new hairdresser. Women definately get attatched to their hairdressers!

I got my haircut today. It is just "OK" so I guess I'll keep searching for that new hairdresser.
Everytime I complain about the haircut experience, my husband's response is:
"The difference between a good haircut and bad one is.....5 days."



neva said...

The beauty of sisters is that some stories are NEVER forgotten!! Boy- the orange hair story....a sad day on how NOT to save money OR time..It did look pretty good....but on to the funny part of your story...I JSUT got my hair cut!! (Yesterday ) I do like the hairdresser I have now....found her at "haircuttery" and have followed her to her own store....although, she herself did not tell me she was leaving, I had to find out from my neighbor where she was and the look on her face when I walked in her store was priceless!@..Maybe she was trying to tell me something??

Grumpy Ump said...

OK from a husbands point of view. You women make it hard on yourselfs. A hair cut is ( at my place ) $12.00 You can get 4.58 haircuts at my place for what you paid yesterday.

Here is your why you make it hard on you. You walk in and say I want this and I want this and I want this. Cha Ching Cha Ching Cha Ching. JUST WALK IN AND SAY JUST A TRIM PLEASE. "Trim my bangs off my face too", after all that is all you ever get.. could not be more than $15.00

Color: $9.00 at CVS and an hour stiing in the tub while you read.. what's the problem.. just saved you money.

"A shampoo, cut && blowdry?"
NO just wash it before you go. go sit in the tub again, read then wash your hair. then if the hair dresser wants to wet it he/she has that option. and if he/she gets it wet he/she needs to dry it for you.. it is their choice not yours to pay for. ( argue point for you, you do like to argue don't you )

OK you are reading this and finding counter actions in your head so I'm done the silent treatment is now starting.