Thursday, February 09, 2006

BRA and Bloggers

Since I have started blogging (thanks again to Cara), I have relayed my enthusiasm to all I meet.
I am thrilled that my sister, Neva; my friend, Mary Ann (although she says her internet has been down and she hasn't had time to write more than her initial entry); and now my niece, Melissa are all beginning bloggers, like me.

As Justin's Uncle Bobby stated in an email to me, he claims he is a BRA.
That would be Blog Reader Addict. I think my husband might fall in the category now too. I know I get a huge kick out of reading everyone's entries and I wait anxiously to see how many comments I get on each of my entries. I think that is really the fun part of blogging.

I think that Cara has made this blog thing look easy because her blogs are always interesting, funny, and easy to read. I have found that it is more difficult to do than it looks. I'll keep trudging along with my little blog and hopefully i'll get better the more I write...

I still find it funny that I am actually writing...I hated writing in school and am still the world's worst procrastinator when I have to write letters or emails or thank you notes.

So here's to all the BRA's out there... I am not just a spokesman but I am a client too!


Jersey Girl said...

For someone who doesn't like to write, you sure got some happy fingers.

neva said...

I think I am more addicted to reading than to writing so I do fall into the BRA catagory.