Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A visit to the old job

So I went to see my old coworkers at my previous job today.

They all asked me if I wanted to come back and work there again....the polite answer to that question is "NO, but thanks anyway."
The not so polite answer would be, " Not NO..... but H*#* NO!"
It was really hard work, on your feet alot, and always under time pressure.

I am sure my boys are happy that I no longer work at the OB-GYN office. I was told by one of my offspring that if I left any more brochures describing STD's and how to prevent them laying around (ie on his bedside table)...THAT WAS IT!!!! You gotta love medical brochures....

Since I work for a neurosurgeon now, the focus turns to any back or neck complaints. Whenever my family mentions the occassional ache, I do become the "20 questions girl."

The questions always go something like this:
Family member: "My back has been aching a little today."
Mom: "Does your leg hurt or just your back?"

FM: " My neck feels a little sore."
Mom: " Does your arm hurt or just your neck?"

After the appropriate question & answer period runs it's course, I usually just advise, " Take some advil and call me in the morning." ( I know it is a cliche but advil, rest, and heat do work wonders!)

I am soo family members usually try to avoid mentioning minor aches and pains to me to avoid those inevitable questions.

If they forget and mention that small ache, they don't even pause to let me ask the questions anymore....they just say,
" NO my leg/arm doesn't hurt and Yes I'm taking advil!"

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?


Michal said...

Advil cures everything.I don't go the doctor anymore. I know what his answers are going to be. "Just take some advil."

Grumpy Ump said...

Yes and your fam is glad you are working for a back and neck place rather than the OB-GYN place. Cause around the dinner table the stories about the patients are much more pleasant. The complaints about a back or neck hurting are no where the complaints about some female problems that were encountered during the nurses day.

Jeff said...

This is the first time in the HISTORY of OB-GYN's that mother has said anything other than "the OB-GYN Store." Trust me, it's pretty disturbing. Every time it's "when i worked at the ob-gyn store" or "i knew so and so lady from the OB store." Don't lie about what you WANTED to type, we all know it's true.

Jersey Girl said...

My favorite gyn story, doc says to the 16 year old with pelvic pain, "Are you sexually active?", she thinks about it for a minute and responds, "No, I just sort of lays there."

I, too, am glad you're not working at the OB store, 'cause I probably wouldn't have gotten to meet you otherwise, well, maybe after that emergency lumbar lam I might have...

MotherOf3Guys said...

Ok so Jeff was right...I do refer to the OB-GYN office as the OB-GYN store...don't ask me why...

Jersey Girl said...

Hey, Tina, is it bad if your back pain is accompanied by foot drop and paralysis? Will Advil work?

neva said...

gotta love the ob-gyn store. Advil does cure a lot.