Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Neva!

So today is my sister Neva's birthday....Happy Birthday!! It seems like only yesterday that we were young and sharing a room together....Where has the time gone?

Remember when we used to look out the window of our bedroom to see our friends playing when it was still light outside and we were stuck in bed???
Remember when you colored Mom & Dad's friend's new white convertible car with crayons.....and refused to admit it ( even though they saw you in the process)???
Remember Strawberry Festivals in Buckhannon and watching movies at Grandma and Papaw's drive in????
Remember when we were bribed by our parents with Cheetos into staying out in the country with "Mom" and Sally and Leonore....with the outhouse, no running water, and the chamber pot so our parents could go on a ski trip????
Remember when we used to sight see in DC with grandpa Ralph and make him climb the Washington Monument stairs????
Remember band trips and parades????
Remember when........The list can go on and on....that's what sisters are all about!!!

Yeah, I remember too..... Happy Birthday!

Writing style idea courtesy of Tommy


Cara Maria McDonough said...

What a cute picture. Happy birthday Neva! Now I'm singing to you. But you can't hear me.

neva said...

OMG! Between the shoe and the picture I can hardly hold back the tears. Thanks guys! It's great to have awesome sisters and blogger friends!
But I remember that trip to Tallmansville happening in the summer and you had to sleep with with Lenore and Sally and I had to sleep with "MOM". Still trying to figure out what we did to deserve that! Love the memories! Thank Tommy for me.

Tom said...

Wait...so...they had Cheetos back in 1959?


Did they have Chester Cheetah too?

Happy Birthday!