Monday, January 23, 2006

Blog? What's a blog?

My sister,Neva, sent me this picture today. I thought it was pretty funny considering we both are "new" to the blog scene. (The fact that we are both huge dog lovers was also a reason I found it funny.)

When I mention that I have started blogging to some of my friends and family, I have gotten many questions about what blogs are, why a person would do a blog, and various other responses about the blog world. Some even expressed concern about security issues for my computer. I think a good number of them are really surprised ( or even a little embarassed if you're my sons) that I have started a blog. I was once one of those uninformed folks that had not heard about or enjoyed reading blogs. I have quickly become a blog reader addict. I don't think I will make much of a blog writer, but it sure has been fun to see the comments and feedback on my posts.

So now when people say, "Blog? What's a blog?" I can refer them to MY blog with some degree of pride....even if at times it is just pointless, incessant words or barking as the comic states!


John Stewart of the Daily Show said...

This is a good blog. I have seen many a blog. I enjoy reading this one. Keep it up.

neva said...

What is our job in life if not to embarrass our kids??? I thought you would love the least you know how to put it IN your blog