Friday, January 20, 2006

Everybody is a critic...

Ok, so now that I have added a few stories to my blog, I am discovering that there is alot of pressure when you write blog stories.

I have gotten alot of feedback, mainly from my family, on my blogging. While I am really glad that they are reading it, I find myself thinking: It takes a brave person to put your thoughts out there for everyone to read... even if some of the thoughts do ramble around a bit. Especially if you are a person who really hated writing in school!

Comments (not already shared under the comment section):
1. "You're last topic was a little hard to follow." You are writing in the passive should have an active verb in there somewhere. I gotta tell you that I was really impressed with this meant that someone had actually listened in English and learned something!

2. You should write shorter blogs. (This from a family member that doesn't pick up a book, EVER...well, to be fair, maybe they pick up a magazine to take in the "library" once and a while.)

3. Suggestions for topics to write about....the list is varied on this one. (Keep those suggestions coming...I can always use the help.) I will look positively on all comments and just be glad that someone is taking the time to read them.

My last comment to the peanut gallery is: try it yourself and see how YOU do on the blog circuit.

But remember: Everybody is a critic!!!!


neva said...

YOu gotta love the family comments don't you!?Keep up the certainly makes me appreciate how hard it can be to blog!...I am also impressed that someone new what a passive voice was!!!!!

Jeff said...

everyone's a critic... but only a few of them get paid for it.