Sunday, July 09, 2006

Technical Difficulties

I had great plans to write a blog today about my vacation...sort of reminds me of that first day of school back from summer vacation when the teacher asks you to write that essay on "How I Spent my Summer Vacation".

Unfortunately, my blog had this little glitch that made the links show up at the bottom of the page.

I tried a few things and even went on the blogger assistance site to see if I could get the links back up to the beginning of the blog...hence the new format.
I'm not sure I like this format but I'm afraid I will really screw things up more to switch back. (Those of you that know me know how I hate change!)

In the process of trying to straighten things out, I lost part of one of my entries.
That one is lost for good because I really messed that up royally. I also figured out that I really hate not being able to read instructions and not understand much of the directions. Reading that blogger assistance stuff with all that computer lingo is enought to give you a headache.

I finally resorted to calling in my computer expert, but he said he "didn't do blogs".
He hates to disappoint me so he sat down and read the computer lingo and helped fix the problem and also backed up my blog.

I don't think it would be a big loss to lose this blog, but since I have invested some time into it, I feel a little better with the back up.

I was so frustrated with the whole technical mess, that I lost my desire to write anything but this venting about technical frustrations!
Hopefully, sometime this week I will write about my vacation to good 'ole WVA.

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neva said...

But at least you have some one to help and you have figured out how to DO computer guy is NOT interested in helping with the blog so no links for me......keep up the good work!