Sunday, July 09, 2006

Blah, Blah Blogs

Today I was watching one of my favorite shows (Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood) and the topic of blogging was a featured clip.

Just a few interesting facts that I found interesting in the story:

1. Bloggers are usually highly educated, middle aged, and have a high income.
( I'm thinking : Two out of three of those aren't bad.)

2. Bloggers tend to be: trend setters, and are highly opinionated.
(One out of two of those aren't bad.)

3. Sarcasm sells on blogs. As they said in the story, it is easier to tear down than to build something up.
(I don't think I'm too good with the "snarky" comments...their term, not mine. That's not to say that I couldn't be sarcastic in the right circumstances, but I don't consciously try to be controversial.)

There were other parts to the story, but I found it interesting that some of the bloggers actually were offered jobs from people reading their blogs.

I have no fear about that happening to me....I definiately fall into the "let me tell you about my dog" category of bloggers.

"They"said that most bloggers write to connect with family and friends...I would agree with that. I like to see what comments my family and friends make about my entries.

I'll keep blogging as long as I keep having fun with it...even though there are still those out there that say "What's a blog ?? and Why are you doing that???"

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Bobby's wife said...

I just watched that story last night on my video news. In fact, I left it on the screen for Bobby to read when he got up for work this morning.

The story went on to show how many bloggers went on to write books, become featured columnists at the NY Times, getting rich (or richer), and still be able to wear their pajamas and slippers while blogging! Impressive!!!

One out of three of those would be just fine with Bobby!

Keep on blogging. I just love your stories no matter how "snarky" or "let me tell you about my dog..." they are!

NOW, let me tell you about my dog...!