Friday, May 19, 2006

Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood

It's becoming a tradition around our house to watch Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.
I am a big fan because it has such an eclectic variety of stories that appeal to my personality trait of liking obscure facts.
It annoys me to no end that I can remember the weirdest, dumbest statistics or facts, but have trouble with names!
Becky has said in the past that it cracks her up when I pull some dumb fact out regarding sports because I'm not even a big sports fan.

In all honesty, I don't really remember all that many facts or statistics, but some of those unusual, obscure pieces of information appeal to me. I like to learn and the more unusual the info is, the better I like it in most cases.

NONE of my family likes to go sightseeing with me in DC because I like to read all the interesting info at the museums. Sometimes when I take friends and extended family members to DC, they actually appreciate some of those obscure facts that I expound on like a tour guide...but not my immediate family....they have heard them all before and politely but adamantly REFUSE to go to DC with me.

So the Sunday Morning Show is a good fit for me.

Where else can you see stories aobut medical misdiagnosis (right up my alley with my profession), the history of skirts (with the required pictures of designer Prada skirts), collectors of teapots ( there were thousands of them is all different shapes. Since I'm a tea drinker, that was pretty awesome that so much time and attention has been devoted to making tea pots!), and trains...all in one show?

The train story was interesting because I never realized ( or really gave it much thought for that matter) that there was an area in the US that ALL trains going to Florida have to go through. They said that over 70 trains in a night go through Folkston, Georgia. They have set up a viewing platform, and get people from all over the WORLD coming to watch. Granted there were some pretty "far out train watchers" profiled on the show, but there was also just the people who came just for FUN. Just people watching would be an experience!

One comment that stuck with me was "it was like birdwatching....but easier!" So, this story could appeal to a train conductor, a bird watcher, a people watcher, or to someone like me that never thought about trains that much!

Anyway, if you have never watched Sunday should give it a try. Sometimes it is not as interesting as other days, but there is always at least one really good story on the agenda.

Maybe in another blog I'll expound on medical misdiagnosis. I could really get into this topic but my family is not a big fan of me giving my opinion about medicine. I keep telling them that I am a valuable resource when it comes to their health...they just aren't totally convinced yet!


Justin said...

If I can get a shower and the coffee made and poured by 8:59 AM on Sunday, in time for me to get comfortable on the couch in 1 minute, I'm a happy man.

Bobby said...

It sounds like Folkston, Ga would be a great place for Justin and I to go on vacation.

MotherOf3Guys said...

I was definitely thinking about the two of you...I figured it was right up your alley...Also you both seem like the Sunday morning type of guys!

Michal said...

I don't need to listen to your medical opinions becuase I already know that Advil cures everything.

neva said...

Those medical stories...THAT would fill up a few blogs wouldn't it?

Cara Maria McDonough said...

Someday I will be a host on CBS Sunday morning. Someday. You'll see.

Jersey Girl said...

Sweetie, you know I'll tour the monuments in DC with you anytime. Just don't challenge me on the medical triva (uh, unless it has something to do with GYN).

Miss the blog, trying to catch up...Mare