Thursday, May 18, 2006

Honey, I'm home

Happy Anniversay to my wonderful husband!

It is hard to believe that we have been married for 32 years!!

When I think back to when we got married, I am amazed that we got married so young and that my parents actually "let" me get married at 18! Our kids just seem so young, and we actually had a baby at the age our youngest is now!

One of our good friends said to us at the time that we may just be dumb enough to make it last...and even though that wasn't all that complimentary at the time, it probably was true!

I 'm not writing a long blog about how wonderful my husband is because he "hates reading long blogs" but suffice it to say that this blog about him COULD be a lengthy tome otherwise.

We have had some really good times and some bad times together, as anyone who goes through life has, but we have been so fortunate to always have each other and be able to depend on one another. He is my rock and I love him dearly! ( He says I am spoiled and he is right about that because he always puts me first in his life and takes great care of me!)

He was making a joke yesterday when he came home, about how he comes through the door and says, "honey, I'm home". He joked that I got all excited about him being home...this said in a sort of sarcastic tone because I was busy working. I have to say that it is no joke that I am still happy to see him, happy he is home, and happy that he is my busband...that's pretty good after 32 years!

So, Love and Kisses to my wonderful's to many more years... and "Honey, I'm home" is music to my ears!


Grumpy Ump said...

Ok, She is going to come in and ask if I read her BLOG? I am goinig to answer "No". Then she will go and look, cause she does that, not believe my answers, and see that I actually did read her BLOG.

and yes she is spoiled, are'nt most wome..... never mind that is a piggish thought and I am not that kind of pig.

Yes, 32 years and we still do not go to sleep angry at each other and we wake up happy. very few times it is a little quiet tho.. we all do that, quiet but not angry.

neva said...

Hmmmmm, hard to believe my little sister and her husband go to bed QUIET....I had no idea that was in the west girls vocabulary! Really, though, Happy anniversary....may you have another 32! (that would make you buys...what..85 and 83?????