Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Time Flying By

Have you ever felt like you've been really busy but you can't really say HOW you're busy?

I feel like I've been busy over the last couple of weeks but I can't seem to come up with anything out of the ordinary that should make me feel that way.

We spent some time in WVa and saw our families, played catch up at work AFTER the vacation, had the OBros practicing weekly for the OBB4 at the house, had a few family dinners, mowed the lawn, shopped some, read some, and did the always present laundry and house cleaning, but it seems like time is just flying by!

All the stuff I've been doing is just routine day to day "Stuff". Nothing special (other than the travelling.)

Certainly, my lengthy commute takes some time out of the day. I'm fortunate that I don't have to commute daily...only 3 days a week. Sometimes, I wonder how much time I actually spend in the car commuting. The only good thing about the commute time is that I use that time to catch up with my family & friends on my cell phone. I know all the statistics say driving and talking on the phone is dangerous, but sometimes talking helps keep me awake during all the stop and go traffic.

Of course the infamous OBB4 is just a few short weeks away and that always takes a little time and planning. I'm looking forward to it but hope the weather cooperates this year. It was a boiling heat wave last year!

Maybe things are in the "calm before the storm" mode...there hasn't been all that many things that have peaked my interest to write about lately.

I have enjoyed spending time living vicariously reading my favorite bloggers (see links). I have really tried to imagine how it would feel to quit my job and venture out for a month doing fun things with my friends but more importantly, doing something you've always dreamed about. (Cara's blog) I'm not sure I really ever had a desire like that so if is a little hard to imagine. I give big kudos to her for proceeding with her goal now , while she can. I have also enjoyed reading Justin's blog about his adventures while Cara is gone. Bobby's blog is always witty and interesting and I am constantly amazed at his celebrity sightings and his interesting job.

I figured I would set a goal of writing something at least weekly on my blog, but I really enjoy writing the blog entries that "seem to write themselves". They usually are the topics that I am excited about and that I don't really think much about.

In the meantime, I guess time will keep flying by and I'll keep trudging along doing my "normal" things, working, enjoying my family ....and FEELING BUSY!!


neva said...

it is amazing how time does fly!! Keep your topics.

Bobby said...

You're definitely right about blogs writing themselves.
Right now my "Word" documents has half a dozen posts that are half written. They're very stiff and just not up to snuff. It's as if I wasn't hearing my inner voice, (some call this a muse,)when I was writing them.
Other times the story pours out of me, and my typing can't keep up with my ideas, (those are usually my best posts.)
I love when that happens.

Jeff said...

mother... it's OBBIV, we graduated to roman numerals this year.