Friday, June 30, 2006

Rain, Rain, Everywhere

Well, we have had quite the rainfall around here for the last week.

Since I love obscure facts:

Our area received 11 inches of rain in 6 days! That is 1/3 of theYEARLY rainfall in just 6 days.

I also heard that Hurricane Katrina had 12 inches of rain during that catastrophe...considering that is only 1 inch more than we had...I thought that was pretty amazing. (Obviously, that 12 inch total did not include storm surge and disclaimer here that our area was as bad as Katrina..not anywhere near that.)

Our back yard looked like a lake for a while but no water damage, just the afore mentioned tree.
We were actually quite lucky in our area because many in Maryland had to be evacuated due to possible dam break. Some of the federal buildings had to be closed, (National Archives, IRS, Museum of Natural History, and Museum of American History to name a few.)

We did have a small sump pump crisis for a few minutes, but the husband took care of the stuck float and all worked well after that. We were both glad that the sump pump stuck in the ON position and not the OFF!

We have been gradually doing the yard clean up and sweating in this horrible humidity. The weather outlook looks better so that is the good news!

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