Monday, March 27, 2006

New Roof

Well, the new roof and new gutters have been installed and the exterminator has come for his visit. Only have one more outside treatment from the exterminator and the new sky light to be installed(once it comes in) and all will be done.
After 20 years, it was time to do those little jobs around the house. The contractors did a good job and the roof looks pretty good (If roofs can look good??)

Only had one minor(?) misshap and that was the roofer who shot a nail through his index fingernail. One trip to the ER later and he was fine. (We assume this from sign language because the only two workers who could speak English went to the ER, leaving only non English speaking workers here.)

I keep trying to get "excited" about having a new roof and no more ants but new roofs and exterminators rank right up there with buying new tires. Something you need but not the thrill you get when buying something like.....SHOES maybe or even new clothes!

Now that the new roof is on, it also makes it time to do the outside painting and other general chores that seem to get put on the back burner. (ie garage cleaning, closet cleaning, and inside painting too.)
Oh, well, just gives me plenty on my "TO DO LIST"!


Bobby said...

I believe I speak for the whole male population(ok, maybe not the whole population) when I ask...What's the deal with you women and your shoes?
They are just slabs of leather or canvas with pieces of rubber glued to the bottom to protect your feet.
Very utilitarian.
The roof, on the other hand, now that's exciting!

neva said...

New roofs, car repairs, paintimg the house, new garage doors, new lawn mower.......the list is endless on what you need to upkeep....pain in the butt.....but it is nice to know that it is PRETTY!