Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
Even though I am not Irish and not even a drinker, St. Paddy's Day has always had a special meaning for me because it was my dad's birthday. He would have been 73 years old today.
It's hard to believe that he has been gone for almost nine years now.

He used to be very proud of the fact that he was born on St. Patrick's Day. One year for his birthday I made him this gigantic flag with a big shamrock on it so he could run it up his flag pole. That flag was huge and I think he really liked the fact that I sewed it for him. He used to also decorate the house every year with big signs that said "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" and he would put up several shamrocks on the wall too. As he got older, he would just leave the signs up all year long. When he died in his sleep, those signs were right there on the wall above his bed. I miss him and all the unique personality traits he had. He really loved his grandsons and never missed an opportunity to see them or talk about them to anyone who would listen.

I am a big believer in "wearing the green" on St. Paddy's Day. I am always surprised how many people don't even remember it is St. Paddy's Day and also how many don't wear green. When the boys were younger, I always used to remind them to wear green shirts to school so they wouldn't get pinched. I was pleased today when I went to Walmart and saw quite a few people buying green shirts. I even saw some teenage boys buying the classic green t-shirts with the fake tuxedo fronts drawn on them. At least I won't be the only one wearing green!

St. Patricks' Day wouldn't be complete without a short joke: I saw two Irishmen passing a bar the other day..............Ok, it COULD happen.....

Anyway, today I will be wearing my green, remembering my dad, and wishing everyone a big Happy St. Patrick's Day! Be safe!


Mamaw said...

We do miss Dad--more on the special days and especially his St Patrick,s Day birthday, and the Christmas, wedding anniversary.
Nine years, unbelievable!!

Jeff said...

Hahaha.... isn't is St. Patty's day? since the guy's name is patrick. maybe if it was St. Madison's Day you could say St. Maddy's day... but not St. Patrick.

neva said...

And the person who married the Irishman, completely forgot it was St. Patrick's day.

neva said...

Did I mention how impressed I was that the blog was written in green ink?