Friday, March 10, 2006

Beautiful Weather Today

The weather today was a giant improvement over the winter stuff we have had recently.
It makes me anxious to get outside and start working in the yard. I love being out puttering around the house and mowing the lawn. Still a little early to mow yet but everything is starting to turn greener and I noticed there are even a few daffodils blooming.

My neighbors have gotten used to me being the person doing the yard work. They used to look kinda surprised that one of the 3 guys or husband that live here or have lived here in the past were not the ones pushing that mower. I tell them that my two golf course "professional mowers" gave me lessons on how to mow. (That would be Michal and Jeffrey...NEVER Tommy! ) We actually were discussing the other day how Tommy tried to talked Jeffrey into mowing when Jeff was still way too young to be safe mowing. As soon as Michal and/or Jeffrey got old enough and safe enough to mow...that was it for Tommy's mowing days.

I think I mow a pretty good pattern and that my yard looks darn good considering that my dad would never "let a woman mow". He was definitely from the old school and really refused to allow us to do yard work when I was growing up. Flowers and weed pulling ...maybe, but mowing...never!

My husband was cautioning me today that it still was not time to get too excited about yard work yet because the weather is still unpredicatable and that it will probably freeze again. I know this but I am happy about getting out tomorrow and putting some mulch down. I'll just have to wait on that first mow day. Michal has my mower in the shop being tuned up and getting the blade sharpened. I may be dynamite with mowing but not so great on the blade. I ran over a metal brace at the end of last season and I'm sure the mechanic is cussing up a storm as he sharps that mower blade.
Here is to the beautiful weather today though. I'm sure when I am thick into the mow season I will read this post and say what was I thinking...this mowing is a pain in the behind because there seems to be no end to it!


Mamaw said...

I too have been looking at the outside, can't say I'm totally excited about doing all the things that have to be done, but I have started, pulling weeds, trimming the crepe myrtle and rose of sharon, and raking leaves left over from last fall. I got on a roll today, worked about 3 hrs and it started thundering, so now I have to do inside work. The sun is coming out now but I'm out of the mood for outside work. Doesn't take much. Blisters from raking, and back aching from picking up sticks will stop all desire in a hurry.

neva said...

It is amazing how quickly the yard needs attending to when the weather changes. My mow patterns look pretty good and I don't have a professional mower to critque me! Can hardly wait to jump on the mower and get started.