Monday, March 03, 2008

BIG WEEK for the second Guy!

As weeks go, it would probably rank right up there with “life changing” for guy #2!

It started out with buying a new engagement ring. (Like the commercial-“He bought it a Jared’s!”). And it is a real beauty:

Next came: Asking the father-in-law-to-be for his daughter’s hand in marriage. If I understand this part correctly, his reply was “Yeah, take her!” He then asked his father-in-law-to-be’s advice about telling the “other sisters” about the upcoming engagement. The father-in-law-to-be reportedly said, “What? Are you nuts? They can’t keep a secret!” So Guy #2 decided he better wait until the question was fait a compli.

Next up: A vacation trip to Mexico. It was a romantic setting on Valentine’s Day to pop the question to his lovely bride-to-be. The bride-to-be cried and said “YES!”
She said she was really surprised and had not expected him to ask her then. She said she felt bad because she had been giving him a hard time earlier in the day because of travel tiredness, room assignment problems, and Guy #2 being quiet earlier in the day. (maybe from planning the big question?). Fortunately, all went well and we are thrilled to have a new upcoming daughter-in-law!! We all love her to death and are happy that she will be a member of our family.
The happy couple:

On top of all that: the newly engaged couple got a “new baby in the family”. After their return from Mexico, they brought home, Gisele, the great dane, that is 6 months old. She is a very well behaved puppy, is house broken, crate trained , and basically trained with several commands. She is also BIG!! They are very cute with her, worrying about leaving her home, buying toys and such. It is fun to watch!!

And last in the BIG week events was: Guy#2’s birthday! We all got together and celebrated all the new happenings for the week, including Grandpa’s birthday too!
Baby Teddy got in the action and was enjoying the birthday bag:
He is a pretty cute birthday present!!

Anyway, Guy #2 definitely had a BIG WEEK and we are so excited about all the new changes in the family. Stay tuned for wedding plans, more Teddy pics, more Gisele news and all the great things happening in the future!

Welcome to the family Courtney!


Anonymous said...

I think my favorite quote about Gisele was... "Wow, this stick of butter is still in one piece... Gisele REALLY likes butter." And, perhaps seeing her put Avery in her place.

other-daughter-in-law said...

It's great to welcome 2 more wonderful females into the family! Tina, we'll win out soon enough!!! GO GIRLS!
We couldn't be happier for #2 and his bride!

Neva said...

Welcome to the family, Courtney and Gizelle! Loved the pictures and the ring is gorgeous.