Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Baby’s Best Friend and Talent Show

So here are the babies in the family… “Playing” together with Aunt Courtney keeping watch:

I love the size of Gisele’s paw in comparison to Teddy!!

Teddy was pretty enthralled with the dog’s foot, but Aunt Courtney kept all in line…including keeping Gisele’s paw out of Teddy’s mouth.

This weekend was also the annual talent show at the high school on Friday night.
We had quite the crew here for that event along with 4 dogs.
Uncle Gary, Ashley, Darren, (or Barren, or Darrell or whatever his name is...) were here to help with the talent show. Along with Jeffrey, Jessy and Avery, the other beagle.
Darren's name did provide some comic relief over the weekend because it was universally mangled (all right...I'll admit...more by me than anyone...but in my defense...even Chipotle wrote it down as "Barren" and they had a copy of the faxed order with the correct name in writing! The family knows I have a "name" problem!)
I have to admit that the talent show this year seemed to have less talent...but we always still enjoy the show. Baby Teddy was digging it and even learned to clap at the show!

Congratulations go to Maddie (the singer in the OBB Hotel California video) for winning her area of competition this year!

It was a lot of fun and here is the stage crew, sound crew, and general supporters, minus Becky & Teddy (past his bedtime when this was taken.-Michal and Courtney were also missing since they were home with Gisele.):

It was crazy this weekend when all the dogs were here. And pretty amazing how much Gisele and Maddy look alike...other than their size, speed, and ears, their coloring is pretty close, except for a patch of white around Gisele's neck. Maddy can certainly run fast and we are still waiting to see how Gisele runs. She was a little tentative with all the other dogs.

Lucy is definitely the queen and she pretty much runs the show in terms of "don't mess with me!"
Avery brings up the rear but she is really able to hold her own in most cases.
Anyway, the dogs are "Teddy baby's best friends" and we had a great time this weekend with all the activity!!


Maddy's Mom said...

Wow, good pictures to compare Maddy and Gisele's coloring. It's also kind of strange that they have such similar fur...not too thick, not too thing, not too greasy.
Teddy likes his puppies!

Avery's mom said...

I think the cutest thing I've seen Teddy do thus far, besides flirting, walking, and laughing, was his first clapping episode at the talent show. I must say, though, that I feel bad for all of the doggie's whiskers once Teddy gets mobile... I have a feeling that he will be hard to outrun!

Jeff said...

We're lucky that giselle is a friendly puppy... otherwise teddy, maddy, avery, and lucy would all sure look like dinner from her perspective.

Neva said...

I love the comparison with Teddy and Giselle's paw.....