Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where in the World is the Real Blogger?”

OK, the blogger is still not blogging, so this Ghost Writer has to post another, “Where in the World is the Real Blogger?”

So. The owner of this Blog has not found her way out of “I DON’T HAVE TIME” land.

Let try to help her find her way back.

A searching game. A question game. After all the blog title is “This is my Question”
She can't stand un-answered questions. this will bug the crap out of her.

Let’s ask questions to her about why she has not returned.

Here I go!

You have had time to plant new flowers out side.
Why did you find time to do that and not create a new blog?

You have time to go shoe shopping.
Why did you find time to do that and not create a new blog?

You have time to stop by Wal-Mart ( until 09:30 at night )
Why did you find time to do that and not create a new blog?

I retire for the night at around 09:00. What do you do until 02:00 in the morning?
Why did you not find the time to create a new blog?

And by the way, I know she has visited her blog, I can see the link to her blog in the History on her machine.

Ok Your turn, go ahead ask the missing blogger some questions.

Thanks, The Mystery Writer


Jeff said...

You've had time to watch Survivor, the Bachelor and Dancing with the Boring.... i mean stars... Why do you not have time to blog?

Anonymous said...

Because she still needs time to watch American Idol and all of the other "reality" shows out there. Then, when those are done, she still needs to watch all of the season finales and series finales...then when those are done, she will need to catch up on all the shows she missed while watching the reality shows all season long on re-runs this summer...unless of course she gets hooked on the new shows that are coming up in the summer line-up.

Oh no, the lawn needs mowing again, the gardens need weeding, there are new bargains at Walmart!

Will we ever hear from her again?

Neva said...

I never did get into all those reality shows....hard to talk to her on the phone ...I need a cheat sheet for who's on first(CBS)what's on Second(ABC) get my drift!

Where in the world is our TIMQ blogger??? she has some pretty funny stories to catch us up on....or like one point...has she decided that she needs to be BRA(blog reading addict) instead of a Blogger?
HMMMM it is a conundrum isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if her youngest son stopped blogging about toilet seats and mowed the lawn for her once in a while she'd have time to blog...just thinking...

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, did we just hear from the missing blogger via that last comment?!

GR8UMPS3 said...

See, I told you she was watchin her blog, "Where is the World is the Real Blogger" weaseled out of a new blog. That was cheap.

Jeff said...

wait... so now it's my fault that this blog lacks a writer? how does that work?

Neva said...

Wow, Jeff,,,who knew???Can I blame you for me not blogging as well?

Neva said...

ok the new baby is coming....let's see some blogging before your time is totally gone. I am sure you have a few saved up!

or the Mystery Writer is going to have to have guest writers fill in!

MotherOf3Guys said...

Ok, so the missing blogger has been busy watching reality TV (only some of the time), buying shoes, shopping at Walmart, cleaning house, mowing the lawn, planting flowers (by the way, my yard looks GREAT!), WORKING (that does take up a good bit of time...leaving less time to to all that other stuff!), helping with a new baby, reading romance novels (although I have dropped my book in the bathtub many times in the last 2-3 months!)and doing fun things like paying the bills. I admit that I have been speding less time reading blogs because I sit in front of a computer screen most of the day, and someone I know and live with ( I won't name names) has been complaining about his wife being "missing!"