Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So my husband has made me feel really guilty that I haven't blogged in a while. Time has really gone by quick. I do have a lot to blog about...
Mainly, that we are going to be GRANDPARENTS! This really is a wonderful, momentous occassion and I really can't believe it has taken me so long mention it on this blog. I think I was a little intimidated because, in my mind, I thought it should be some witty, entertaining blog.
I finally decided that I don't do witty, and I don't usually do entertaining so I should just dive in and go with it!!
The ultrasound says:It's an OBB!
I am really excited about that but one small part of my brain says," Still outnumbered by the male gender!"
The more important part is that it looks like all is going well.
It was probably a good thing that I didn't know the sex of the baby before Christmas because I MIGHT have gotten carried away with the gifts.
Ok will write more soon but have a dinner engagement and need to run.


Mommy-to-be said...

Thank you Tom for getting on her, I was beginning to think she wasn't excited...(giggle giggle)

Justin said...


Mamaw said...

hoI know the feeling, and it almost lasts 8 times with a few differences. Always excited to see a new family member but you get a little more perspective after attending a few. The fun outweighs the work, and the worry that everything will be OK. Congratulations to all!! Including me--First great!!

Grumpy Ump said...

My excitment can be can be found in my silence. I AM Speechless!

Anonymous said...


Neva said...

you do realize it has been MONTHS since you have blogged?????

JILL said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!! What is more exciting than adding a new baby to the family.

I agree with Neva...I REALLY miss reading your blog!