Monday, December 11, 2006

Office Christmas Party

First off, I have to say: the daughter-in-law gets big bonus points for coming to her mother-in-law's Christmas party for the coworkers. She hadn't met many of them prior to the party, and she was the "lone younger generation represenative."
( One of the husbands commented that this is totally an "estrogen party!)
Anyway, I had the girls that I work with over for my 2nd Annual White House Christmas Show viewing party on HGTV this past weekend.
For those of you that have never watched this 1 hour extravaganza about the White House being decorated for Christmas, I highly recommend it. (Well, only if you are female and get into that kind of thing, but it truly is interesting.)
Last year when I issued the invitation to "come watch TV with me", I had a few invitees thinking "What in the world?..but maybe there will be good food there..." (The husband made lasgane and it was pretty darned good-I can say that since I didn't make it!)
The show is really interesting because every year the First Lady picks a Christmas theme and has the White House decorated in that theme. You get a background view of the preparations (which are massive!) and you get to see the "reveal", when all is done.
The first year that I had the girls from work over to "watch TV", I think everyone was surprised that they enjoyed the show.
I decided to make it a tradition because I certainly enjoyed having my coworkers over for a little Christmas cheer and I'm a big fan of the "history" part regarding the White House.
Getting ready for a Christmas party is always alot of work, but I work much better under a dead line and that helps me get decorated in a timely fashion.
I am always amazed at the amount of decorations they use at the White House and by the fact that they only take 3 days to get it all done. I guess having a lot of volunteers makes a big difference!
One of my friends was a little appalled at the expense of the decorations each year, but we decided that maybe it provides some work for some folks. We also questioned what they end up doing with the decorations once Christmas is over.
Anyway, after the fact, I realize that massive cleaning of the house prior to a party, worry about getting all the Christmas decorations up, and getting everything ready to eat should not be such a big deal...the most important part of the party is having great friends, family and a wonderful daughter-in-law to share this holiday time with.
We sometimes get so involved with the small details of getting ready for Christmas that we forget the really important things.
I'm thankful for all my family and friends and hope everyone has a great Christmas this year!

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Becky said...

It was my pleasure coming and meeting all the faces that go with the names! And you know, they really are as sweet as Tina reports them to be ;)
I look forward to continuing on with the tradition, but hope to see you all again before December 2007 (OBB 5?)
Merry Christmas to all!
~the daughter-in-law~