Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ok Cute Babies are cute.

Ok! I had to put these up for viewing. They are a picture of what a cute baby looks like.

Ok! Proud Grandpa talk..

Still have not found the missing blogger. We are planning an intervention for her. She needs help. anyone want to participate?


Mamaw said...

How adorable he looks in that hat, and his dimples are so cute. He may just be the most handsome boy ever! Great-mamaw who is not partial at all! Right!

Neva said...

This is the cutest picture with his dimples...cutest baby ever...and of course the great aunt is not partial or anything.....I am ready for an intervention...just let me know time and place....or maybe I just sucked it all out of her!

Neva said...

hmmm maybe you should just take this over...I am sure you have a few stories to tell!!especially after living with the missing blogger!

Neva said...

and BTW...NOW he looks just like his DADDY....(being that I have never seen baby pictures of his mother....I could change my mind...but definitely..his dad in this photo!)