Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Claim it or not?

This is the mystery blogger again.

Ok off the new grandson subject this time.

I had a sweet little girl rear-end me tonight. Fortunately no one was hurt, just the bumpers, and her pride.

So I would like the opinion of people about claiming it on insurance and get it fixed. She is fully covered by the way.


Tom said...

Get it fixed. It's worth your time, since your car is so pristine still. If it was the 1996 Aerostar, I'd say forget about it.

Neva said...

Get it fixed.....maybe she will pay attention next time...a life learning lesson and all that.

MotherOf3Guys said...

I say, Get it fixed...your car is still being paid for!

Anonymous said...

I vote for "fix it." That's what insurance is for, after all.

Who is this I see, commenting above me? It's the lost blogger! She can comment... but not... blog? Hopefully the guest writer has something to say about that!

Jeff said...

You know... 1 more guest blog... and this blog will officially become the mystery blogger's!