Sunday, October 01, 2006

Quiz on the "3 Guys"

How well do you know the “3 guys”? Test your knowledge below:

1. Which son had to be picked up at mother’s day out because his mom got the following call? “Mrs. O, we usually don’t call the mothers to come pick their children up, but he is getting so hoarse from crying, we felt it would be better.”

2. Which is the only son to cut his own hair the day before pictures at his preschool?

3.Which is the only son to draw on the wall with something other than crayons?

4.Which son sings in the shower? (This may be multiple choice.)

5. Which son got in trouble when he was in elementary school for calling the girls in the lunch line by a part of the female body? This required a call to the parents from the principal. (In his defense, it was a perfectly medical/anatomic term! It might have been better if we had actually discussed the appropriateness of calling boys and girls by their anatomic differences. I guess you live and learn as a parent!)

6.Which son had his school picture taken the day after he did a face plant down the driveway from a fall?

7.Which son has the nickname “Big Toe”?

8.Which son sang in a talent show when he was only in the sixth grade?

9. Which son responded to his friend telling him that his dad was Santa Claus by saying: “ My dad can’t be Santa Claus because he doesn’t get up that early”?

10.Which son is the only one that ever was suspended from elementary school for fighting?

11.Which son made a trip to the emergency room for getting hit in the head by a sprinkler?

12. After a discussion about traveling out of the United States and the need to have a visa to enter some countries, which son said: “Well if they (meaning countries that sometimes don’t issue entry visas) don’t take visa, do they take American Express?

13. Which son’s favorite expression when he was very little was “Read the Book”?

14. Which son is the only one to break a bone?

15. Which son had a car accident in front of the church revival camp and was asked to “come join them for church sometime”?

16. Which son is on his fifth cell phone because he has either lost or destroyed his other ones?

17. Which son sucked his thumb?

18. Which son had a special “fuzzy blanket” that he picked the fuzz off and gave away pieces of the fuzz like they should be treated as if they were gold?

19. Which son said at the end of his first soccer season, walking from the field: “ I am never playing that game again”…His parents asking : Well, why not?…“BECAUSE I HATE TO RUN.”

20.Which son got a home run in t-ball because the right fielder lost his shoe and sat down to put it back on before he threw the ball back?

ANSWER LEGEND: O=Oldest Son, M= Middle Son, Y= Youngest Son

1. O-We thought we might never get him to stay at mother’s day out, but eventually he did.

2. M-He cut off a big chunk right from the middle of his bangs…no hiding that!

3. Y-Enough said.

4. This could be a multiple choice: Give yourself the point if you picked O or Y.

5. Y-Give him a break, he was only 6.

6. M- He had the ability to always pick the day before pictures to do something.

7. M-He can’t help if he got his pawpaw’s big toe.

8. Y-He was pretty brave to be up there singing by himself in front of all those people when most of the other “talent” was just singing along with the record.

9. O-He was dead set about this.

10. M-He really shouldn’t have hit the guy, but the guy jumped on him first and actually broke his glasses before Middle son ever swung back.

11. Y- He looked pretty pathetic with gauze wrapped around his head and blood all over his shirt. For those of you that don’t know what a professional sprinkler looks like, think size of carburetor and heavy. The sprinkler head came flying off into the air and Youngest Son took off running to “get out of the way.” If he had stayed still, it wouldn’t have hit him but what are the chances of that!

12. O- He always was very cerebral.

13. Y- I know this is a surprise that he actually liked to read. The Middle son is the reader now.

14. M-He broke his collar bone at JMU while snowboarding, while a blizzard was going on. Mom could not get down to JMU due to the weather and that was not a good thing for the motherof3guys. Older son was on hand to "help".

15. O- This was a real story. He was picking his brother up as a favor to the parents. He had installed a supped up CD player in the glove compartment of his old Opal. He decided mid-drive to take the key out of the ignition to open the glove box to change the CD, WHILE HE WAS DRIVING. He quickly learned that taking the key out, shuts down all the functions of the car. They were lucky that crossing the other lane of traffic, jumping over a big barrel of flowers and ending in a ditch was all that happened to them. The police officer didn’t issue a ticket but did say that this story moves to the head of his “dumb stories to tell.” Just glad they didn't get hurt. The only casualty was the OPAL.

16. M-He has a little trouble with losing items and dropping cell phones into cups of beverages.

17. NONE of the Guys-this was a trick question! No points for this one and no penalty!

18. O- He carried that fuzzy white blanket around for what seemed like forever! His mamaw still has a small bunch of Fuzz that he lovingly gave to her.

19. Y-I can still see him stomping his feet and declaring that he was NEVER playing soccer again.

20. M-He was the youngest player on that team that year and was the only player to not have a homerun so when this happened, it was smiles from ear to ear. (His mother yelled RUN!!! The whole time he was rounding the bases. The other team were all yelling to the poor kid in right field to “Get the BALL.”)

SCORING: (One point for each question that you answered right.)

15-20 Way to Go! You must have lived with one of the 3 guys or are a member of the family. (This group may be large because many people have lived in the “Hotel” that has been in operation for 32 years. OR you happen to have lived with one of the 3 guys at college!)

6-14 You made the honor roll. You’re not part of the family but have probably been around the guys a bit.

1-5 Needs Improvement- Better spend a little time with the guys!

0 YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING- Even guessing you should have gotten 1 right!

Let me know how you do!


Jeff said...

in reguards to #19... i still remember that day, and still remember hating soccer with all my being. i was so mad that day... just a long day of running.

Anonymous said...

Even though my quiz grade was terrible, I ended up laughing so hard that I started crying.I guess I'll have to visit more so that I get to hear more embarassing stories!

Tom said...

The Opel story in print. May it never happen again.

Mamaw said...

I have to find that ball of lint!!

Jeff said...

it's been a month... write something!