Monday, September 04, 2006

Reality TV Junkie and the new TV season

So the new TV season is getting ready to start.
As most of you know, I am a reality TV junkie.
I’ve been trying to improve, but still I am embarrassed to say that I watch reality shows.
Some of these shows are really so stupid but my problem always comes when they “hook” me. I just want to see “what happens next.” In my defense, there are obviously other “reality junkies “ out there or these shows wouldn’t be on.

I will admit that I really enjoy the dancing shows because I am awed that people, with little training, can get up in front of millions and do those dances. I enjoy the music and the dancing…I don’t enjoy the commentary from the husband and sons if they happen to be around!

I felt like I was making progress on not watching reality TV, until I watched a few Big Brother all stars shows this year. (I know what you’re thinking but it’s just that there didn’t seem to be anything else on TV that I was the least bit interested in…and it just happened to be on!)
I always wonder what makes people decide to participate in these shows.
The people on the big brother show have already done this once, and I would love to know if it really is the money or the “fame” that they want. I personally wonder what they think when they come across not so favorably to millions.

When I first started watching Big Brother this year, I didn’t know many of the all-star players because I had only watched the first and the last seasons.
It was my first time seeing some of the players. One of the previous winners from season two was a doctor of dermatology. As I am watching all of his shenanigans, I wondered what his patients are thinking.

My sister thinks he is a real genius because:

  1. He had to be really smart to be a dermatologist. (For those of you that don’t know this, dermatology is one the hardest areas of medicine to get into. Dermatologist are usually at the top of their classes in school.)
  2. He knows how to manipulate and play Big Brother. He is a master player for getting others to do what he wants.
  3. He is smart to use his TV fame for marketing. My sister said that he had people from all over the US calling for appointments after his last big brother appearances.
    I’m not so sure that having “Big Brother Contestant” on his CV would inspire a lot of confidence in my mind.

He is an interesting character and has made the show funny, but I would really like to see how he lives “out of the house.”

I am a diehard Survivor fan and am interested in seeing how the “new concept” of dividing the tribes into races is going to play out. Already I am a little tired of the comments referring to “highlighting of stereo types”. Come on people, it’s just a game.

When I watch survivor, I am constantly saying : “there is no way I would ever be a contestant on this show.”

You may ask why I don't think I would cut it as a survivor contestant?:

  1. I hate bugs!
  2. Mosquitoes love me and I would be one big giant bug bite.
  3. I am a picky eater with a weak stomach that would never tolerate bugs and such.
  4. I’m a grouch when I don’t eat!
  5. I would miss my baths!
  6. As my middle son says: I like to clean too much.
  7. As my husband says: I like to be in control and would probably be voted off pretty quick because I am too opinionated!
  8. I also wouldn’t be able to do the swimming challenges because as I’ve gotten older, I don’t swim much.

All moot point because I don’t plan on trying out for Survivor.
I guess I’ll just be a reality show junkie and watch what happens next…


neva said...

It's very much like me watching "Fear factor" is like my finger won't let me move beyond the show and they are eating things I don't even want to see in a book much less in front of me!!! And animal intestines, gonads, brains...there in no other reason in the world I would eat that stuff less than I was dying and I would have to be REALLY dying(actually dying doesn't seem so bad with some of that stuff)but my point is I can't move off the show....I just have to see what happens...(like the time the guy finally said to one of the contestants."you have seen this show before ???didn't you know we were going to ask you to eat something??" that would have been me....."MOI??? I don't think so"
but i have gotten hooked on House and go figure. I am soooo with you sister, not me, noway nohow. so there is my "reality " TV.

cara said...

I can't watch it when they eat gross stuff either. Really. I'm not looking to stimulate my gag reflex when I sit down to relax in front of the tv.

Anonymous said...

Forget reality ;-), Gray's Anatomy starts back up next Thursday!!!

Jeff said...

i would pay $5000 to see you on Survivor... i'd be laughing my ass off the whole time.