Monday, April 03, 2006

Cleaning the Garage

NEW is possible to get your husband to clean out the garage, in 45 minutes no less, if you have "possible large hail and tornado watch" in the weather forecast.
Having a clean garage is the bane of our existence and for the last 20 years we have intermittently gotten the bug to clean stuff out of no avail most of the time.
Tom's goal when he bought his new car (about 3 years ago) was to park it in the garage during the "snow season".
He has threatened to make me park outside so he didn't have to scrape his windows on cold mornings.
We actually had both cars in the garage sometime last test it out to see if they both fit...and before you know it...there were tables from the OBB, car seats removed from the van, golf clubs and other junk that slowly made their way to HIS side...
Should have a lottery as to how long it will be before HIS side is again a mess...but for today...BOTH CARS ARE IN THE GARAGE!
I need to take a picture....
And so far if our luck holds tornados or hail!


Grumpy Ump said...

So you tell me.. Which car deserves to be in the garage? A 2001 Hyundai or a 2004 Endeaver?

And she only goes to the office 3 times a week.. I go everyday!! scrape, scrape, scrape

Go figure.. So who is the boss in this house?

Jeff said...

not you.

neva said... not you-- but you are cute!!
But really, I have 2 cars sitting in my garage that will either be gone on June 12(30th anniversary) or I am home with my mother....she doesn't know that yet but I am hoping she will enjoy my visit because....really...ultimatims are ugly and really brings the who's the boss to the front of the class....we shall see who wins this one. so there.